New Updates

5th March, 2016
   φ Paperback books are available at NEW
   φ Photography Rewrites History NEW
       — Reveals the Hidden FACTS at Angkor  
   φ Angkor-Angkar: Power/Greed NEW
       — Preserving (Ancient) Traditions  
   φ Bayon's Society: People/Justice NEW
       — Breaking (Ancient) Traditions  
   φ BAYON Renaissance in Neo-Classic Arts NEW
       — From Ruins to Fine Arts —  
   φ The Ancient Secrets of a Royal Triad
       — DECODED — (intro)  
   φ The Locations of the Royals in Preah Khan  
   φ Ancient Queens Who Shaped an Asian Empire:
       Indradevi and Jayarajadevi · ·  
   φ Bayon's Royal Beliefs in Bas-Reliefs 
   φ Secrets in Preah Khan in Galleries 
   φ Breaking "Mythconceptions" about
       Indradevi, Jayarajadevi and Jayavarman VII  
   φ The Royal Secrets of the Sacred Sword  
      >> Exposé without the Dynamic intro
   φ Timeless Wisdom - Bayon Visions  
   φ Cover story on Cambodia Insight Apr-Jun 2010  
   φ in Khmer in french La Renaissance des Reines du Roi
                         Jayavarman VII 
   φ Download Free Photos